Decorating & Fashioning My Filofax

photo (1)

I live vicariously through my Filofax, that is, decorating it in an aspirational way that represents some fashionable version of me, which for now, exists mostly in my imagination (and now, this blog). That said, I do live quite literally through my Filofax, that is, using it in a practical way that keeps track of the real version of me-  a busy mom, designer and biz owner. So this blog is really about me living parallel lives – the aspirational one and the real one, all mixed into one via Filofax! I look forward to sharing, and thank you for reading!

Items in this photo:

  • Filofax “Amazona” in Personal size
  • Tab pages created in a favorite color scheme: navy, olive, purple
  • Marble-print paper from Paper Source
  • Handbag charm from Hayden-Harnett
  • Wallet / Wristlet by Coach
  • Sunglasses by Forever 21
  • Mirror Compact by Forever 21
  • Hand lotion by L’Occitane
  • Lipstick by “Botanicals” from Target
  • Awesome motivation book (easy & short!) by Paul Arden
  • Fabric sample in background by Jack Lenor Larsen Fabric